Technical Feasibility 

PAES has performed the Technical Feasibility Study of M/s Western Energy Pvt Ltd. at Jhimpir, and M/s MCC Tongsin Resources China in Sindh.

Following Works were conducted in the Technical Feasibility Study.

  • Assessment of the on-site mast configuration and compliance with IEC standards;
  • Screening and balancing of data from on-site mast;
  • Creation of polished site data set;
  • Identification of a suitable reference data source;
  • Review of concurrent reference met data and long term frequency
  • table from the met station;
  • Assessment and screening of reference data from local met station;
  • MCP correlation of polished data set with reference data, where applicable;
  • Assessment of regional wind data with long term historical data from Airport & NCAR/NCEP
  • Terrain modeling to establish wind speed variations over the site area
  • Prediction of long term mean wind speed, air density, wind speed distribution & wind rose
  • Wake modeling to establish array losses because of nearby projects
  • Production and assessment of long term wind rose;
  • Creation of a roughness map;
  • Development of WAsP wind flow model;
  • Model validation (wind shear check) and run;
  • Analysis of model results;
  • Calculation of energy yield and assessment of losses;
  • Review of P50 energy yield;
  • Uncertainty analysis;
  • Detailed analysis/assessment of uncertainties and sensitivity of net annual energy production to these uncertainties.
  • Calculation of Probability of exceedance levels (P50/P70, 75 and P90) for entire project life.


    SA 08
    Bailer 12″ 03
    Bailer 16″ 04    15
    Bailer 22″ 03
    Bailer 26″ 02
    Bailer 30″ 02
    Bailer 36″ 02
    Chisels from 4″ Dia to 36″ Dia 06
    Tripods 35 ft. to 40 ft. 10
    Tripods 20 ft. to 30 ft. 03
    Pumps & Suction 2″ to 5″ 08
    GPS System GSR2700IS SOKKIA 01
    Total Station 630RK RED II : SOKKIA REDLECTOR LESS 300M 01
    Total Station 630RK : SOKKIA REDLECTOR LESS 140M 01
    Total Station 630R : SOKKIA REDLECTOR LESS 80M 01
    Level Machine C330 SOKKIA 02
    Generators 1 KVA to 25 KVA 04
    Pile Load test equipment’s capable to perform load tests upto 700ft
    Rods of A,B,N& H Type 600m
    Core barells of B, N & H Type