About Our Work

PAES has performed the Technical Feasibility Study of M/s Western Energy (Pvt) Ltd. at Jhimpir, and M/s MCC Tongsin Resources China in Sindh. 

Following Works were conducted in the Technical Feasibility Study. 

·         Assessment of the on-site mast configuration and compliance with IEC standards;
·         Screening and balancing of data from on-site mast;
·         Creation of polished site data set;
·         Identification of a suitable reference data source;
·         Review of concurrent reference met data and long term frequency table from the met station; 
·         Assessment and screening of reference data from local met station; 
·         MCP correlation of polished data set with reference data, where applicable; 
·         Assessment of regional wind data with long term historical data from Airport & NCAR/NCEP 
·         Terrain modeling to establish wind speed variations over the site area 
·         Prediction of long term mean wind speed, air density, wind speed distribution & wind rose 
·         Wake modeling to establish array losses because of nearby projects 
·         Production and assessment of long term wind rose; 
·         Creation of a roughness map; 
·         Development of WAsP wind flow model; 
·         Model validation (wind shear check) and run; 
·         Analysis of model results; 
·         Calculation of energy yield and assessment of losses; 
·         Review of P50 energy yield; 
·         Uncertainty analysis; 
·         Detailed analysis/assessment of uncertainties and sensitivity of net annual energy production to these uncertainties.
·         Calculation of Probability of exceedance levels (P50/P70, 75 and P90) for entire project life.