Expertise in the installation & supervision of wind measuring masts, Topographical Surveys, Soil Investigation Services, Social Surveys, Technical Feasibility Studies & Land Facilitation Services

Our story

Pakistan Alternative Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd. is a technical consultant for wind power projects and having expertise in the installation and supervision of 60m, 80m, 90m, 100, and 120m wind measuring masts, Topographical survey, Soil Investigation Services, Social Survey, Technical Feasibility Studies and Land Facilitation Services. 

The company is committed toward the development and promotion of Renewable Energy Sector particularly focused on Wind Power Sector..

Our Vision

At our core, we are dedicated to contributing towards the development and prosperity of Pakistan through the realization of projects that adhere to the highest engineering standards. In aligning with our mission to achieve these significant goals, we recognize the importance of supporting industries and platforms that not only share our vision but also contribute to the economic fabric of our community.

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Anyway, talking about our goals:

  • Introducing & promoting the professional atmosphere and proper implementation of the standard Engineering codes on site.
  • Achieving zero complaint status for our services.
  • Implementing the latest technology & research on site.
  • Providing services at competitive prices so as to extend our client base.
  • Delivering the on time results