About the company

We are committed to contribute towards the development & prosperity of Pakistan by the accomplishment of the projects based on the High Engineering Standards. 

Pakistan Alternative Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd is a technical consultant for wind power Projects and having expertise in the installation and supervision of 60m, 80m, 85m, 90m, 100m and 120m wind measuring masts, Topographical Survey, Soil Investigation Services, Social survey, Technical feasibilities and Land Facilitation Services. The company is committed toward the development and promotion of Renewable energy sector particularly focused on Wind Power sector.

Power sector. The company offers comprehensive professional services of specialized staff in survey services, civil and structural engineering, topographic surveys, soil investigation, land facilitation and has strong expertise for proper implementation of standard civil engineering codes on site while installations of wind mast to achieve zero complaint status of our services. 

Our Mission is to achieve the following goals.

  • Introducing & promoting the professional atmosphere and proper implementation of the standard Engineering codes on site.

  • Achieving zero complaint status for our services.

  • Implementing the latest technology & research on site.

  • Providing services at competitive prices so as to extend our client base.

  • Delivering the on time results.


  • Installation, Supervision& Maintenance of Wind Measuring Masts.
  • Soil Investigation Services.
  • Studies & Social Survey Services Land Facilitation Services / Site Facilitation Services.


  1. Topographical Survey of 5MW Wind Power Project for Bahria Foundation at Jinnah Naval Base, Or Marah, Baluchistan.
  2. Topographical Survey of 5MW Wind Power Project of M/s PWEGPL at Jhimpir, Sindh
  3. Topographical Survey for 30MW Wind Power Project of M/s Tapal energy Private Ltd, Akhter Energy Pvt Ltd & Is Mail Power PvtLtd.
  4.  Topographical Survey for 50MW Wind Power Project of M/s Western Energy PvtLtd.


  5.  Topographical Survey for 50MW Wind Power Project of M/s HAWA Energy PvtLtd.
  6.  Topographical Survey for 100MW Wind Power Project of M/s UEP Wind Energy PvtLtd.


  7.  Topographical Survey of 50MW Wind Power Project of M/s Western Energy PvtLtd.